Pet Behaviour Training: For Birds

When you get a new pet, then it is important that you start with the basics of pet behaviour training. This is helpful when it comes to teaching birds to be petted, or teaching them how to talk if you are the owner of a parrot. Pet behaviour training allows you to learn the behaviour of your pet in order to put this into practice when training with your bird.

Before you begin your pet behaviour training, you should learn your bird’s behaviour and body language so that you know what he likes and dislikes and when he is happy and sad. If you try to reach in to touch your bird on the head, then your bird might see this as a form of aggression from you. Does your bird go stiff and stare back at you? Does he try to bite you or run away from you? These are all behavioural signs of a bird that is not happy about being petted. If you ignore the behaviour patterns of a stressed bird, then you might end up getting bitten on your finder. However, if your bird seems relaxed and turns or bows his head then this is a sign that the bird is enjoying what you are doing. Some birds even bow their heads and closes his eyes which is a sure sign of a bird that is happy about being petted and trusts his owner.

How do you get started on training your bird to be petted?

1 Choose a time when your bird is relaxed and happy
2 Always keep your hand in view of the bird
3 Speak to your bird in a soothing voice before trying to pet him
4 Always be gentle
5 Begin by gently touching his beak and then gradually move your fingers to the skin just behind the beak
6 After touching the beak, move your fingers around to the side of his head
7 When trying to pet your bird on the body, make sure that you stroke with the natural orientation of the feathers because ruffling the feathers can irritate your bird. Pet in the direction that the feathers naturally lay.
8 As your bird begins to relax, work your fingers around to the back of his head and his neck
9 Don’t force your bird into being petted because you might just end up with a sore finger!
10 Don’t let strangers pet your bird it is important that he learns to trust you fully first.